How to Spot Trends in Your Wardrobe


Trendy is a term used in the fashion industry to describe a particular style of clothing, shoes, accessories, and/or makeup that is current and popular. This can be a long-term trend or a short-lived one.

It is important to remember that being trendy can be a difficult task for some people. For others it is a simple occurrence that they simply have to learn to embrace.

The main problem that can arise with being trendy is that it can be very difficult to understand what makes something “trendy”. It is important to be able to distinguish between what is and is not “trendy” so that you can stay on top of your personal style and find the right clothing pieces for you.

Being able to recognize trends is especially helpful when you’re creating a closet full of items that will work well for you and your personal style. Being able to identify which items are timeless and which ones are trendy will help you to curate the best wardrobe for you and your personal preferences.

There are many different ways to spot trends and some of them include:

Observation – This is the most common method. It involves watching a group of people to see what is deemed fashionable in their daily lives, such as clothes or hairstyles. This can be done through blogs, magazines or even through photos of a group of people on the street.

Through this method it is also possible to see patterns in what people are wearing, which can be used to help to develop new designs and ideas for clothing & accessories that will be popular amongst the public.

This can be a great way to get inspiration and create unique outfits for yourself. It is also a great way to find out what the most popular styles of clothing are in your area so that you can create looks that suit your local climate and lifestyle.

It can also be a great way to spot trends that are emerging internationally so that you can adapt your wardrobe to fit those trends and look cool in them too!

Another great way to be able to spot trends is by looking at fashion shows. These are held regularly around the world and can be a good way to identify new upcoming trends that may be relevant for your area of the world.

There is a whole business model based around trend forecasting or trend spotting in the fashion industry. These agencies can be international or domestic & are responsible for helping designers, manufacturers & retailers to determine what the most current & future fashion & color trends will be.

The trend can also be spotted through social media. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are often used as a tool for identifying trends. They allow users to express their opinions about specific styles and colors that are currently trending in the fashion industry.

There are also a number of different fashion industry terminology terms that can be used to help you identify and differentiate between trends. These can be found in our fashion industry definitions section of this site.