Trendy Fashion Gifts for the Holidays


It’s time to get the holiday shopping done. Unless you’re a fashionista, you may be thinking “what do I want?” However, if you’re a fan of clothing, this season is the perfect time to give the gift of new, high quality items. That way, you can feel good knowing that you’re providing value to the people in your life.

The best fashion gifts are items that are not only practical, but also fun to receive. For instance, a well-designed pair of oval sunglasses can make your fitness journey a whole lot more stylish. Or, if you’re giving a friend a present, you might consider a pair of glittering mini smokey eye kits. A set of Cartier Les Heures de Parfum collection cases is perfect for spoiling makeup enthusiasts.

For a more casual wear option, try a pair of Allbirds trail runners. Available in natural or tan colors, they’re perfect for those looking to get outside. If you’re buying for a male, you might want to invest in an Everlane mock-neck sweater. Made from a soft blend of recycled wool, this piece is a great gift for the fashion-forward guy in your life.

For the most part, the fashion world has been fairly predictable this year. One of the more notable trends was sheer panels. You’re not likely to see these on the runway, but they’re on the shelves of major retailers, like Nordstrom, and they’re certainly a good option for your friends or family.

Another trendy item is a faux fur coat. This is a relatively inexpensive way to add a luxe touch to your winter ensemble. Plus, it’s sure to keep you warm, even on a snowy day. Among other things, it’s also a great investment for anyone who wants to make the most of their holiday travels.

For the more casual fashionista, a pair of Good American jeans made of cashmere is a great choice. They’re super soft, ultra-high-rise, and feature the usual suspects: pockets and a loose fit.

Another novelty item to have on hand this year is a pair of earrings. Not only are they cute, but they’re also a clever use of gold-tone metal. Wear them alone or stack them up for a chic look.

While we’re on the subject of jewelry, consider the latest crop of pearl necklaces. Pearls are associated with a number of famous celebrities, from Hilary Clinton to Pete Davidson. But you probably aren’t going to find a necklace that can match the pearl-laden blazer spotted on Hailey Bieber.

Finally, let’s not forget about the classic Missoni towel set. This two-piece set comes with two bath towels and a bath sheet. The towels are hand-made by the masters of the craft, and the quality is top-notch.

Even the smallest gestures can mean a big difference to your loved ones. From personalized gifts to a stocking full of clothing, there’s no reason not to give your favorite fashionista a little something extra this Christmas.